A special class of Omega Verksted membership account that is available to organizations. An invoice account will be able to buy wares from Omega Verksted on credit, to be paid via unperiodic invoices sent out at the board's discretion. Please contact the board to request such an account.

If invoices are not paid by the specified expiry date, the account will be blocked. If invoices continue to not be paid after a reminder, the invoice will be forwarded to debt collection (inkasso).


Payment RFID

Components can be bought in person at Omega Verksted with an RFID chip that is connected to your account. You can bring your own compatible RFID, or you can buy one from us for 5kr. Please note that you will not be able to buy components in person without the RFID.

Ordering from distributor

If you want to order from e.g. Farnell through us, you can come in person or send the order to komp@omegav.no. You must provide a list of the components with the part numbers. Orders will generally take 1-2 weeks, depending on the current order volume (slower e.g. in summer)

Transaction history

Components with their own barcode will be listed on your invoice. Please note that components bought as "div komp" (scanning the barcodes by the kiosk terminal) will not be tracked in our systems, and will not show up on your invoice. If you (or your financial manager) wants a detailed list of "div komp" components, you are responsible for keeping that yourself.