Q: What is Omega Verksted?
A: Omega Verksted (OV) is a student workshop for hobby electronics and other projects. Members of OV can use our facilities and equipment, as well as buy components and snacks. Omega Verksted is also a student organization, consisting of a highly active group running the workshop (OV-Styret/The OV Board). Omega Verksted is a standalone organization and not a subgroup of Sct. Omega Broderskap.

Q: So Omega Verksted is the workshop for Electronics and Cybernetics students at NTNU?
A: Yes, but it's also open to anyone else.

Q: Who can become a member?
A: Anyone can become a regular member, i.e. a user. If you are interested in becoming a member of the volunteer group running OV, see OV-Styret.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member?
A: All of this:

Q: How do I become a member???
A: You pay a one-time membership fee of 200NOK. This will net you a lifetime membership of OV. In order to become a member, please visit Omega Verksted when open and contact a board member (just ask around to find one)

Q: When is OV open?
A: OV is open whenever someone from the board is present. You can visit omegav.no/door to see the current status of the door live, as well as statistics for the lasts day and month.

Q: Why are there always people at Omega Verksted?
A: A combination of lots of lovely people, an active social environment, free coffee, and everything you need in general results in many people preferring OV over their student dorms.

Q: How do I Solder? 
A: See How to Solder.

Q: How do I pay for food or components?
A:  To buy things at OV you must be a member (see above). However, non-members can buy components (not food) for at least 50 NOK. This means you can either add something else to your order or pay extra for what you already have.

Q: Can Omega Verksted fix my tech/design my product/do this and that job for me?
A: In general Omega Verksted as an organization does not take on paid or unpaid jobs. Individual members of the board may decide to help you, possibly for a fee.

Q: Can I get a invoice for my organization?
A: Yes, organizations and companies can request an Invoice Account. However, this is only available if the organization intends to do purchases at OV multiple times. If not, it is probably easier to pay as a member and get a refund from the organization/company.

Questions We Wish Were Asked More Frequently (QWWWAMF)

Q: Is it okay to leave my garbage lying around at Omega Verksted?
A: No.