Protective Equipment

Use protective eyewear and hearing protection! Keep hands far away from blade during cutting!

If you are using this tool for the first time, please contact a member of the board. You can find a list of HMS approved personell here.

Omega Verksted has a table saw of the model BOSCH BORDSIRKELSAG GTS 10 J MED BOSCH TRANSPORT- OG ARBEIDSBORD GTA 600. This can be used to cut wooden boards, the blade we have is not suited for any other materials. This machine is not normally set up for use, but can be deployed for specific purposes that require it.


Protective Equipment


  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Gloves for handling rough materials and workpieces

Safe Usage

  • Set the machine up in a stable manner, such as on the floor, on a table or on the provided stand.
  • Use an extra workshop stand to support your workpiece if it is large, or get help from someone else. Do not attempt to handle large workpieces on your own.
  • Do not put your hands anywhere near the saw while it is running! Use the included pushing tool to maneuver the workpiece close to the saw.

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