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  1. When designing your electronics, use a professional supplier such as Farnell, Digi-Key, Mouser. Make sure to filter out non-RoHS components when picking components.
    1. While not strictly necessary for prototypes that you won't sell, it's probably a good idea to do use only RoHS components from the start.
  2. When getting ready to sell your product, gather documents for each component in your product. Look for something like this:
    If a certificate is not available, the supplier should be able to retrieve the certificate for you. You can e.g. email farnell at to request a certificate in case of a missing or outdated one. There are also several different solutions for collecting certificates, creating reports, etc automatically.
  3. Make sure to store the documents safely. There is only a theoretical chance that your supplier will stop hosting them, but you are legally obliged to have the documentation available.
  4. That's all!