Note that circles is a hard problem on CNC machines, especially using the GRBL postprocessor, see links at the bottom of this page.


In EL0, under the soldering oven. Controlled by


The machines outer dimensions are 740x1500mm.

How to use

  1. Draw your design in CAD software. i.e. Fusion360
  2. Create toolpaths including feed rate, depth of cut in CAM software i.e. Fusion360
  3. Export the toolpaths from the CAM software as gcode using GRBL postprocessor.
  4. Check that the cut bed is clear of clutter.
  5. Mount your material to the cut bed with wood screws.
  6. Turn on the router by switching on the "Main switch"
  7. Change to the desired endmill.
  8. Start the software (UGSPlatform) on the computer (inquisition)
  9. Connect to the CNC controller by pressing "Connect"
  10. Jog the router to the desired starting position
    1. It is also possible to use your mobile phone as a pendant
  11. Zero the Z axis by jogging 1mm at a time until you are 1mm off the surface, place a piece of paper underneath the endmill, then jog 0.1mm at a time, moving the paper under the endmill, and stop when the paper is barely caught under the endmill.
  12. Press "Reset Zero"
  13. Jog at least 5mm up from the surface.
  14. Load the gcode file you prepared earlier
  15. Set the spindle speed by setting the wheel on the spindle
  16. Press the green "Power on" to start the spindle
  17. Press "Send" in UGS
  18. Observe the cutting, press stop or turn off the main switch if something goes wrong.

Cut bed size:

Circle limitations ref:

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