Omega Verksted will not send unsolicited messages to its members.

However, we have a few places where physical advertisements (e.g. posters) can be placed, if the advertisement can be assumed to be of interest to our community. There's a corkboard over the kiosk terminal, and it's also possible to hang things on the fridge with magnets. Please do not overfill any of these places. Outdated advertisements can be removed.

Here are some examples of things that can be assumed to be of interest:

  • Engineering job advertisements
  • Recruitment advertisements for other technical student groups
  • Events with a technical focus

If your organization is already familiar with OV, feel free to just hang up your poster. If not, please mention it to a board member first.

You are also free to send one advertisement via one of our contact channels. Please do not spam. If it is a request for work, please mention what sort of compensation you are offering. However, please note that in general Omega Verksted as an organization does not take on paid or unpaid jobs. Individual members may decide to help you on their own terms.

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