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OV has a terrarium in a bottle, this can be found on the windowsill in Center of Excellence. The terrarium is sealed, with the intention of making it a closed cycle of water and nutrients that can hopefully survive the potential lack of love from future board members. It is not quite a biosphere, but more or less spheroid in shape. In theory there are two closed cycles:

  • The finite amount of water:
    (stored in soil/reservoir → absorbed by plants → evaporated from leaves in the sun → condensed on glass and drained into soil)
  • The finite amount of carbon/CO2:
    (stored in plants and soil → released into the air from decomposition → absorbed by plants during photosynthesis)


From bottom:

Water Reservoir & Coal Filter

A mix of white gravel and activated charcoal. Stores water and filters out pollutants.

Peat Moss

A layer of mostly dead moss. Serves as biomass and nutrient source.


mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that together support life.[1] The soil in question is a mix of "plantejord" from Plantasjen and dirt from Gløshaugen.

Living Stuff

Various plants have been introduced to the terrarium. Since soil and samples from various sources including outside have been introduced, it is assumed that a variety of microorganism live in the Biospheroid.

Known things

  • Spiderwort - Tradescantia (Norwegian: Vandrejøde):
  • The bulb thing
  • Garlic

Less specified things

  • Various types of moss, mostly from Gløshaugen
  • A sprout of unknown type


  • The terrarium was started in May 2019
  • It was corked on 29.06.2020
  • Long live the Biospheroid




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