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Q: What is Omega Verksted?
A: Omega Verksted (OV) is a student workshop for hobby electronics and other projects. Members of OV can use our facilities and equipment, as well as buy components and snacks. Omega Verksted is also a student organization, consisting of a highly active group running the workshop (OV-Styret/The OV Board).

Q: Who can become a member?
A: Anyone.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member?
A: All of this:

  • Free coffee as long as you drink it at OV, otherwise cheap coffee to bring with you
  • Access to buying from Omega Brus og Sjokolade (OBS), including frozen food, candy and various refreshments
  • Access to buying components at reasonable prices
  • Access to tools, instruments and equipment at the workshop
  • Lots of nice nerding and procrastination

Q: How do I become a member???
A: You pay a one-time membership fee of 200NOK. This will net you a lifetime membership of OV. 

Q: When is OV open?
A: OV is open whenever someone from the board is present.

Q: Why are there always people at Omega Verksted?
A: A combination of lots of lovely people, an active social environment, free coffee, and everything you need in general results in many people preferring OV over their student dorms.

Q: How do I Solder? 
A: See the How to solder node.

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