Use eye protection! Please read the instructions carefully!

Please do not use the bench grinder for aluminum, as this will cause it to immediately need maintenance. If you absolutely have to you should do the maintenance afterwards.

A bench grinder is used to grind metal, typically to remove sharp edges or to shape an object. Should not be used to remove large amounts of material.


Protective Equipment


  • Eye protection goggles
  • Gloves

Safe Usage

  • Make sure that the support plate by the grindstones are adjusted correctly. The distance to the grindstone should be less than 1 mm, but make sure they are not in contact.
  • Firmly hold the part that you are grinding. Unexpected pulling or twisting forces may occur.
  • Do not apply excessive force to the part.
  • Make sure the angle between the part and the support plate is positive. In other words, make sure that the part is pointing upwards towards the grindstone and is resting on the support plate.


The grindstones should be kept square to grind evenly. We have a straightening tool for this, a diamond encrusted block with a handle that can be used to grind off irregularities in the grindstone.

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