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Equipment and Facilities available at Omega Verksted

Equipment status

TypeNameStatusCommentEstimated fix dateLast updated
SLA 3D PrinterForm 2Up


FDM 3D Printer



FDM 3D PrinterPrusa i3 MK3 (PRUS-A)UpPosts status updates on slack channel #prus-a.


Laser CutterBodor BCL-1309XUUp


Water JetWazerDownUnder repair (water supply)2021-02


PCB EtchPCB EtchDownUnder repair (water supply)2021-02


Status for equipment being set up

TypeNameStatusCommentEstimated completion dateLast updated
CNC RouterJammeBuildingNeeds new motorsN/A2020-08-19
CNC RouterUnder tableBuildingNeeds bringupN/A2020-08-19
PCB RouterLPKF S100InstallingSetting up softwareN/A2020-09-25