A brief overview of the Nanolab's available equipment after the tour Oct. 19 2019 w/ HT, Sig & Johannes that Brynjar from Timini Labs kindly gave us! 


[A] : Available for student use

nothing : maybe not



  • Graphene Square TCVD-D100CA, 4'' Quartz furnace LPCVD for carbon allotrope growth 
    • ~1,100℃ Process temp
    • Optimized for graphene, CNT, h-BN and TMDC growth
  • Ultratech Savannah G2 Fully integrated ALD-in-a-box. 


  • Cressington 208C Thermal Carbon Evaporator
  • [A] Cressington 208HR 5-source sputter coater 
  • Cressington 308R Dual Sputtering/Thermal Evaporator

Wire Bonder

  • TPT HB05 Bonder
    • Wedge, Ball, Bump & Ribbon Bonder
    • Fully motorized


  • Hitachi S5500 FESEM
    • 2.000.000x Mag. 
    • SEM/TEM
  • Reinshaw inVia Confocal Raman Optical Microscope
  • Helios NanoLab DualBeam 600 SEM/FIB 
  • Helios G4 UX (S)TEM / APT
  • Hitachi TM3000 SEM
  • [A] JEOL JSM-6480LV SEM, Timini Labs' sin egen sem. 
  • Nanosurf Naiostm AFM/STM

Lithography machines

  • Elionix ELS-G100 direct write E-Beam system
    • Horrifyingly expensive
    • 6nm FS, 1cm^2 /20h write speed at 30nm


  • [A] Disco DAD3220 CNC Dicing Saw
  • [A] Dynatex DX-III Scriber/Breaker


  • Dry/Wet etching sections (did not see)
  • Oxford Instruments Ionfab 300Plus IBE/RIBE Ion Beam etch

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