Work in Progress

Setting up the vaccuum laboratory is an ongoing project, and it is not yet openly available for use.


It is not allowed to conduct any activity that may contaminate the vaccuum laboratory unnecessarily. You can use the Fjasekammer for things like this.

OV has facilities for conducting experiments and projects in a (relatively) clean vaccuum chamber. The laboratory is based around a Varian 3119 vaccuum chamber, "Mor Di", (240L)

The Intention for the Vacuum Laboratory is to give OV-members the ability to preform their own thin film coatings: Making Mirrors, Sunglasses, Nitride Coatings, Circuit Boards on non-traditional materials, Basic Silicon CMOS devices and Josephson Junction Voltage Standard [WIP], etc. The Chamber may also be used for Vacuum Experimentation and verification for Satellite components, electron beam devices and applied physics experimentation.

Cleanliness protocols are expected to be upheld, but these are intentionally kept very relaxed.

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Current Status

Operational Status

  • Main Deposition Chamber - "Mor Di":
    • Water Cooling System
      • Main Loop, Chiller
      • Helium Compressor
      • Manifold
      • Chamber, Gun, Crystal Balance Cooling
    • Power System
    • Cryopump
      • Possible Helium Refill
    • Deposition Sources
      • Thermal Deposition
      • E-Beam Deposition
      • Sputtering Deposition

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