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Work in Progress

The chamber is currently being installed and configured

Donated to OV by the Department of Electronic Systems (IES) on 2019-02-26, after being kept in storage since around 2000.

Built as an evaporation- and electron beam coating/deposition machine, it is also used as a general purpose vaccuum chamber and as the basis of OV's vaccuum laboratory. The chamber volume is 240L.


  • Volume: 240L
  • Internal Height:
  • Internal Diameter:
  • Achieved minimum pressure: 30 μBar (roughing only, WIP)
  • Target minimum pressure: 10-8 bar
  • Minimum temperature on GM-cooler: ~8°K
  • 10kW e-Beam deposition source, w/ 3 26mm watercooled crucibles
  • Dual 5kW Thermal evaporation sources 

Supported Applications (not available yet)



sometime soon

Supply breaker


Voltage: 400V
Continuous: 63A
Instantaneous: 3.0x (189A)


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