Protective Equipment

Use protective eyewear!

En liten, hurtig roterende søylebor egnet til boring i PCBer (glassfiber). Borene er svert tynne (0.5-1.0 mm) og knekker lett, så vær forsiktig!


Protective Equipment


  • Eye protection

Safe Usage

In terms of personal safety, the important thing is to wear safety goggles. As long as that is in place, the worst case realistic scenario (the drill breaks) can only give minor scratches (also keep your fingers away from the drill area). However, the equipment is expensive and fragile, so please also follow the rest of these guidelines to make sure that you do not damage it.

  • Make sure the workpiece/PCB does not move during drilling.
  • Do not re-drill a hole.
  • Do not try to expand an already-drilled hole to a larger diameter, this will break the drill. You can attempt to use the drill
  • The drill may not be used for drilling other materials than glass fiber PCBs.


  • You can use the foot pedal to initiate a drilling. This will seem to drill very fast into the material, but that is actually the correct feed speed of the drill given the very fast rotation.
  • After doing a test hole near the edge of the PCB, you can adjust the lamp on the drill to project its crosshairs accurately (The room must be more or less dark to see it). You can then use the crosshairs to drill accurately.

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