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Clean chamber

In order to do multiple deposition runs and grow epitaxial structures, a dust free, clean atmosphere is needed. While larger feature sizes and the high manufacturing tolerance to impurities in superconducting processes help a lot, this is still a major issue. Smia is a rather filthy place (Mor Di's neighbours are the Grillvogn and the Laser Cutter), and the triumph of sheer luck is always illusive when murphy has a say.

Basic setup: A thin, flexible inflatable plastic cover around the main dome of mor di, connected to a small transparent glove box with small box HEPA air filter and a fan for positive pressure. The box should be large enough to fit a microscope, a small photolithography setup (lightsource may be located outside), a spin coater and cleaning bath along with some basic tools: pliers and tweezers for sample manipulation.

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