Use eye protection at all times! Use a welding mask when welding! Please read the instructions carefully!

If you are using this tool for the first time, please contact a member of the board. You can find a list of HMS approved personell here.

Omega Verksted has a Kemppi DC welding machine for TIG and electrode welding.


Protective Equipment


  • Welding mask
  • Heat resistant gloves (preferably leather)
  • Jacket for UV protection
  • Hearing protection is required for some side tasks encountered during welding, such as removing dross (slagg)

Safe Usage

  • Make sure that the working area is tidy and completely free of flammable materials!
  • Wear eye protection at all times. A welding mask must be worn while welding.
  • Position the fume extractor directly over your working area, as close as possible to the workpiece.
  • Make sure your workpiece is grounded. Normally this is done by grounding the work table.
  • Fresh welds are very hot. Do not touch them, even with gloves. Grab the workpiece by a section at least 20-30cm away from the weld.

Good welding (WIP)

The above points will ensure safe operation of the welding apparatus. However, welding well requires a lot of technique and experience. Some tips are given below.

Any technique

  • If the workpiece is heating up too fast and you get holes, you might be using too much current
  • If the workpiece is heating up too slow, you might be using too little current.
  • You will usually want to point weld your pieces together first before fully welding them. Otherwise they will generally bend due to thermal expansion and become skewed.

TIG Welding

  • Make sure the electrode does not touch the workpiece. Try to keep it around 2-3mm apart from the workpiece

MMA Welding (electrode/"pinne")

  • Make sure the coating on the electrode is not damaged



Gassflasken vi har er en utleieflaske fra Aga, med rent argon. Denne kan fylles hos Aga i Trondheim. Omega Verksted har konto hos dem, og de sender faktura etter fylling.


Gasshette, gassmunnstykke, elektrode og elektrodehylse må byttes regelmessig. Disse kan kjøpes hos Würth, Tess eller på internett.

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