ZB3040H SMT PCB Zeefdruk Stencil Frame Silkscreen Stencil Silkscreen Printing Machine

Product introduction of Printer:

ZB3040H precise silkscreen is mainly for single double-sided circuit board paste or red glue printing design requirements, the working platform selects high quality aluminum board with honeycomb positioning hole, the baseboard is adopted thicken steel board welding molding, strong solid, durable.

The positioning pin is used in the circuit board, and the fixed rod and the fixed plate are positioned so as to be convenient for positioning and guarantee the accuracy of repeated operation

The correction mode is moved by the steel net and is adjusted by the micro adjustment of X and Y axis of the printing platform

The steel wire frame adopts spiral screw bar, which can adjust the height up and down to control the thickness of PCB and the amount of printing paste

The printing screen is fixed by 4 knob with pressure plate, and it is fast and firm



1:Remove the packaging, read the instructions carefully, and support the main chassis position with both hands. Lift the main engine and place the host in the right direction. The ground requires a firm and smooth place

2:Adjust the base four adjustment feet, so that the whole machine to remain horizontal and stable

3:Install the printing plate, adjust the position and angle of the balance-weight and fixed handle so that the printing plate is always in a suitable angle position



Step 1: remove the printed circuit board and place on the four positioning pin, rotate height adjustment knob to make printing module and circuit board contact, then adjust the positioning needle position, make the printing hole of printing template consistent with printing surface of circuit board , fixed four positioning needle

Step 2: according to the position of circuit board size and board components, placing the corresponding thimble between four positioning needle position, and adjust X and Y axis adjustment knob, the printing surface and hole of the printed circuit board printing template the precise positioning, through the locking knob fixed.

Step 3: according to the printed circuit board remove the corresponding solder paste or take a small amount of solder paste is placed in the template (Note: the paste must be fully mixing after use, and to recommend the use of ZB500S temperature automatic paste mixer), use a scraper with solder paste in the appropriate uniform across the printing position as a template. Time to complete the operation, not repeated operation

Step 4: after printing, if the amount of solder paste on the circuit board is less or more, the gap between the printing template and the circuit board can be adjusted by a template height adjusting knob to control the amount of the solder paste printed on the circuit board

Step 5: the printed circuit board is completed, the excess solder paste should be placed in another container, can not be put back to the original unused solder paste, so as not to damage the unused solder paste and printing template and scraper to clean up clean, the general use of medical alcohol cleaning



1: every time after the completion of the work, timely cleaning and maintenance of the machine, so as not to affect the service life of the machine

2: printing template up and down movement, do not force too much, so as not to damage the machine, affecting positioning accuracy

3: take or put the circuit board, we should pay attention to protect the positioning needle, so as not to damage, for different size of the positioning hole, you can also match the corresponding positioning pin


Denne stencilprinteren er desginer for å brukes med stencil med ramme. Pga. frakt kan dette være dyrt, og lagringsplass kan være en issue. Det går an å laserkutte en slags ramme av kryssfiner eller mdf og teipe stencilen inn i denne. Dette kan tegnes rett i programmet for laserkutteren, trenger ikke å gå via cad og fil eksport og import.

For å feste dette i stencilprinteren trengs det i tillegg en kloss for å få rett tykkelse.

TODO: ta bilde av stencil festet i printeren.

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