Anyone can become a member of Omega Verksted (OV). Membership will grant the following benefits:

  • Free coffee as long as you drink it at OV, otherwise cheap coffee to bring with you
  • Access to buying from Omega Brus og Sjokolade (OBS), including frozen food, candy and various refreshments
  • Access to buying components at reasonable prices
  • Access to tools, instruments and equipment at the workshop
  • Lots of nice nerding and procrastination

The membership fee is 200 kr (NOK). This is a one time fee, and the membership never expires*.

Please note that the membership benefits are generally only available when OV is open. See

Please note the difference between regular Omega Verksted membership and board membership. The board is the group of volunteers running OV. Only board members may unlock the door and open OV. For more info see OV-Styret.

Special classes of OV membership:

*As long as you are alive. Please contact the board for renewal of membership after resurrection.
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